Judi completes old quilt blocks or tops into finished usable quilts.
Expert antique quilt restoration is done with vintage fabrics.

Judi's website, VintageKitQuilts.net,
highlights her presentation on Vintage Kit Quilts
and displays her collection of kit quilts and and antique quilts

History of Kit Quilts

The 1970’s restarted a large interest in quilts and quilt making. Antique and vintage quilts came out of the closets and modern women came to realize what treasures had been lurking in an everyday essential as a bed covering. However, as these beauties surfaced, it was also noted that many were not individual or original creations but some were made from KITS!

Today the designers and manufacturers of the quilt kits of bygone years are viewed with delight and are proving to be quite valuable.  eBay of the 1990’s certainly brought them into the public’s eye and helped make them very costly.

Visit VintageKitQuilts.net to read the complete presentation. The website also displays Judi's kit quilt and antique quilt collection.

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