Our present cats

Cristy is our Craigslist cat.
She is a very large cat, over 23 pounds.

Ziva, our new addition, is a rescue cat
1/3 the size of Cristy
(Click on the top 2 pictures for additional pictures)

Cats from our past...

Annie sometimes acted like a dog in a cat suit and
she complained when she couldn't go out after dark

Sandy liked it warm such as; on top of the
computer display or under the bed covers.

Misty was a princess, she made the
move from California to Oregon.

Jenny came from Ireland and
decided to stay in California.

KC (Kitty Cat) moved to Oregon before we did.

PJ (Priss Junior) lived to be 20.

TC (Tom Cat) adopted us but had to move on
when we went to Ireland.

Okay, Bo wasn't a cat, he was a Basenji
but he acted like a cat.